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You need to think about your requirements before making a choice and then you can choose a company based on price and reliability. An initial consideration …

Web Hosting

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You need to think about your requirements before making a choice and then you can choose a company based on price and reliability. An initial consideration is whether you just want to host one web site or more than one. A lot of companies provide a package for just one site but if you want to add another domain this can work out very expensive. Another thing to watch for is the limit placed on the number of domain names that you can host. Sometimes you will find a deal that looks good but it will only let you host 5 domains and for a couple of bucks extra a month another company will let you host an unlimited number of domains.

Once a domain name has been chosen, you are going to have to determine some of your needs and expectations. For example, ask yourself how many visitors you are likely to get (are you aiming for hundreds, thousands or millions). Also determine how much content you will be putting on your site. Generally speaking the more visitors and content you expect to have on your site, the more bandwidth you are going to need. If you plan to sell products, you are going to want to make sure that your hosting provider has the option to accept various forms of payment (credit cards, paypal, etc.)

Web Hosting

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If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6, upgrade now. As of July 2010 Microsoft will no longer be supporting it, and it’s literally full of security flaws. 1. What is the traffic volume you plan to see? If you have a site, how many visits do you see per day? Free hosting – this is where you get hosting and bandwidth for free. This is only suitable for a small website that will not use a lot of the server’s resources. The support services for such hosting are also not the best.

It is also best to go for an e-commerce hosting provider that has the right types of software available. Some hosting companies do not offer some types of software such as shopping cart and online payments software. As a result, you would need to source these types of software somewhere else. For added convenience on your part, you will do best if you choose a hosting company that allows you to integrate the necessary software seamlessly. Customer support is also one important aspect to consider when choosing a hosting company. The best hosting service providers are those which provide 24/7 customer support.

Running the server is a challenging task.

Additionally, with a professional, up-to-date website, you obtain consumer confidence. You won’t look like a “fly by night” operation – you’ll look like a strong, competent organization, capable of quickly and effectively serving consumers’ needs. Of the big three CMS’s, WordPress is the easiest to learn and use daily. However, there are some downsides worth considering.

It is important to clearly establish the type of website that you are going to have. Different types of websites have different needs. If your site is e-commerce, you need to think of the features that this type of site requires. However, if you are not sure of the type of your website, you can think of its purpose instead.


It could be you. Web Hosting services have become more advanced, feature rich, and affordable nowadays. Let’s face it: in the age of information in which we all now live, there is nothing more crucial to any business enterprise than the ability to deliver information and services to customers in a timely and effective manner.

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