7 Questions and Answers to Web Hosting

It is also best to go for an e-commerce hosting provider that has the right types of software available. Some hosting companies do not offer some …

Web Hosting

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It is also best to go for an e-commerce hosting provider that has the right types of software available. Some hosting companies do not offer some types of software such as shopping cart and online payments software. As a result, you would need to source these types of software somewhere else. For added convenience on your part, you will do best if you choose a hosting company that allows you to integrate the necessary software seamlessly. Customer support is also one important aspect to consider when choosing a hosting company. The best hosting service providers are those which provide 24/7 customer support.

Reseller hosting Don’t delete your files and your account of your old web so that it can be able to show you your past data, and if you are moving your WordPress powered blog make sure you backup your MySQL database using control panel, H-sphere and other web control panels. While your website is down, there will be people who try to hit it, fail, and assume you’re out of business.

Web Hosting

2. Make sure your site is user friendly –

Way back 50 years ago, no one in his right mind would have thought that seeds of business would sprout in a device called computer, and that buying and selling activities could be done virtually. Yeah, I bet nobody would dare to tread such figment of imagination. Early 1990’s onwards, we have seen how this “odd” thinking became possible, and a runaway hit. Now, businesses are built not on hollow blocks and cement, but through pages called websites. Buyers can instantly purchase any product, even service, anywhere in the world, and sellers are empowered to bring their businesses online, minus the stress, costs, and time. In the years to come, the Internet will, most probably, continue to serve as the biggest, fastest, and easiest portal for buying and selling activities.

Shared hosting is best for new online starters, small scale businesses or individuals that cannot afford server for their website’s presence on their own. This type of hosting allows customers to outsource the technical requirement at the most affordable rates. The housing and serving of several files required to keep a website online is done on sharing basis on a server provided by a web host. The cost of the server and the services required to keep the website live online is shared among the users for a nominal fee charged at entry level.

For smaller efforts, consider a shared hosting plan.

Another decision that you have to make is regarding the extension. Sure, is very popular but there are other choices such as ,.biz,.net Or you can go local to let people know in which particularly country you’re operating your business. You never know who could find your website. Verifying the claims In this day and age where everyone is going online for every need, listening to the radio online is the latest trend. Online radio stations broadcast a number of programs on a wide range of subjects, including politics, religions and sports, besides music of course.

Email support is the most common customer service that most of web hosting providers offer although many of them will also offer live chat, and some even phone support. Support is something I believe what determines the quality of a host. Data centers are all pretty alike, and often times a ration of resellers are at the same data center. Test out a company’s response time by asking some common questions before going ahead with one.


You have put many hours of effort into your website. There are several domain name registration services on the web. Therefore before you really sign the deal with any web host company, request for some of these major information from the company itself for review and study. Refers to the dedicated web hosting which can be divided into two major categories, namely managed and unmanaged.

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