A Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting with Web Hosting Ireland

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An establishment or organization with a website must be fully functional and seen by the public. This will only happen if you are going to have a web host. I supposed; you know that this type of service is offered anywhere in the world. You can browse millions of pages over the Internet when you are searching, and all of these sites will not load without a host. A lot of private, public and commercial sites are existing today – expect more of these to come. No wonder why numerous companies are offering this at a certain cost.

Now, if you need such services, then you may check one of the providers like web hosting Ireland. As beginners in this field, you have to inform your providers about it. So that they can explain everything that you need to be familiar with before signing a contract with them. You may find it quite complicated to absorb their terminologies, especially you are new in this kind of technology. Anyway, you should not hesitate to ask them anything that concerns the project to avoid problems in the future.

Sometimes, it is also good to learn things on your own even the basic ones, before dealing with the providers. You may be a newbie, but this should not be a reason for them to fool you. Therefore, reading about the features as well as the common terms used in this field would be an advantage.

Common Terms

The server is in-charged with hosting various web sites and applications. Another important term to understand is the Content Management System or CMS. This actually refers to the software that is specifically designed to help you in creating and managing your page and its content. When it comes to CMS, the most popular and available software to use is WordPress.

It is also essential for you to know the bandwidth because this will serve as a restriction or limitation of the amount of data that a subscriber can send as well as receive from a server. Anyway, you have to subscribe to a plan. Will you go for a limited or unlimited bandwidth? Click this to know more about your bandwidth needs because this is very important for the satisfaction of the target viewers.

Domains are very important because will enable a visitor to identify or name and access sites through a browser. An example of a domain is www.abc.com. When you are browsing a page, you usually check on the URL. You will notice that at the end of the address, you will find .com, .org and .gov to name a few. These are called, the Top-Level Domain or TLD. You might wonder why instead of www; you will find terms like a blog. For example, in the address bar, blog.abc.com is displayed. The “blog” is used as a subdomain.

Basic Features

After subscribing to a provider, you will be provided with Email Accounts. For example, if your domain is www.abc.com, your email account would be [email protected]. The company will provide this feature, anyway. It would be very doubtful not to have one.

Another important feature that you have to learn is the FTP Access. File Transfer Protocol is in-charged with the uploading of files that are coming from a computer to the server. For example, you designed and created a page on your personal computer. You will have to send the files and that is where the File Transfer Protocol works. Without uploading this page to the server, you won’t be able to access it over the Internet. It would be great to visit https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/computer-network-file-transfer-protocol-ftp/ for further reading on FTP and its function in the field of networking.

When it comes to the commonly used CMS like WordPress, you will, of course, receive a support, especially when it comes to the creation tools. A lot of websites today are using blogs to provide information regarding their products and services. What’s really good with this CMS is that, the ease and convenience of using as well as managing it. Now, if you are going to subscribe to a certain plan or offer, then they are going to tell you if it is compatible with WordPress or not.

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