A Lethal Mistake Discovered on Website Hosting And How to Avoid It

For beginners of website management, cPanel should be user-friendly. This is a panel which can enable you to control the website well. You can use this …

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For beginners of website management, cPanel should be user-friendly. This is a panel which can enable you to control the website well. You can use this panel to edit the features in the website and it should be user-friendly so that you can manage your website well. Some bad cheap web hosting service providers will try to limit the cPanel and requires you to pay more money in order to unlock those good features. You have to beware of these bad service providers if you do want to bring a good business website for you.

Dreamhost has also created a great inside joke. If you’ve seen their website recently you can learn about this joke, poking fun at what other companies do. This company offers Unlimited GB + 50GB! That’s simply because many hosts are trying to generate traffic by offering unlimited, and well, it can get a little cloudy. So to give customers more than just unlimited, Dreamhost is tossing up 50GB More!

Web Hosting

1. Select a reliable web hosting provider.

cPanel control panel is very user-friendly with simple navigating screens and administrative setup options which is one of the most favorite and highly seek for control panel today. It is easy to operate even for the novices. You might want to check this out ahead of time to avoid any disappointment later especially if you are not really that technically savvy to cope with the complexities from the technical aspects of the control panel.

I have truly learned so much about auto responders, video hosting, domains and cPanels. I think I could truly be the poster child for, “You can teach an old dog new tricks!” Learning techniques, and the proper, most efficient way to execute a project definitely gives you a great sense of accomplishment.(at any age) I feel we are never too old to learn, and every day I learn something new is a great day. It is a good feeling to come out of a training that is going to help me be more successful at what I am doing.

Start planning today and get your website launched.

Customer service – As mentioned briefly above, this I feel is the most crucial aspect to keep in mind when looking for a good web hosting company. Do not over look this! or you would most likely be in trouble when you have a problem with your website. Wouldn’t it be a problem if their support stuff do not give you an answer/solutions for your problem right away?

The Encarta dictionary defines web hosting as, “the business of supplying server space for storage of Web sites on the Internet, and sometimes the provision of ancillary services such as Web site creation,” while domain or domain name pertains to the, “Internet address: the sequence of words, phrases, abbreviations, or characters that serves as the Internet address of a computer or network.” This is why these two features, web hosting and domain, are inextricably linked.


Question any other source. Server uptime is 99% (sometimes servers will be down to allow for upgrades) Access to the server is provided round the clock. There’s just something about saving the environment and protecting all those nice little critters that makes a lot of business owners happy.

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