Building Façade – Don’t Overlook This Powerful Element

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For many people, the exterior of their home is their first impression to visitors and passers-by. Therefore, it’s important to intricately plan the look of your house and the materials that comprise it.

A building façade is one of the most integral pieces to the overall feel of your home. It should make your property look inviting and welcoming while also complementing your home’s style. With expert builders in Warragul, you can achieve an elegant look and feel without paying an exorbitant price tag. Here are some benefits of building façades and three popular designs that can transform your property into an asset rather than an eyesore.

The Importance of a Good Building Façade

A building façade is the exterior face of a building that people see first, and it can be either an asset or a detriment. It can elevate the curb appeal and make all the difference when it comes to attracting people to your house. House builders in Warragul will work with you to create a beautiful façade for your home that’ll leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees it. In fact, studies show that buildings with eye-catching façades are more likely to sell faster than those without them.

Adds Character

Façades are an important element of any residential building. They add character to your home and provide a more appealing look to make an excellent first impression. In addition, they can also add beauty and increase the value of your house.

Improves Energy Efficiency

If you are building residential property, your façades will have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your building. Poorly designed façades can result in harsh lighting, poor heating and cooling insulation and high air leakage. However, with a well-designed façade, you can improve the insulation properties of your building and reduce the amount of unwanted heat loss through windows.


Blocks Noise

A building façade is an essential element in any residential building. The façade blocks noise from entering your home and makes your home feel more secure. It also enhances the curb appeal of your building and can make it more valuable. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a quality façade that will last for many years and add value to your building.

Defence Against Natural Elements

The façade of your residential building must be designed to protect against natural elements such as harsh weather and sunlight. House builders in Warragul can help you with the design and construction of your façade so that it matches your house’s aesthetic look.

Popular Façade Designs

A façade can increase the value of your building and make it more attractive. The exterior of your building is what people see first, so make sure it looks good. Aesthetics aside, a beautiful façade will also help you sell the property faster. Let’s look at the three most popular façade designs that are both appealing and functional.

1. Osprey Façade

A modern Australian take on the classic Hamptons style, the Arkadian Osprey façade emulates the perfect marriage of elegance and relaxation. The Osprey draws on the iconic style synonymous with the laid-back luxury of the US East Coast Hamptons area. Key design highlights of the façade are its pronounced roof line, gabled façade and striking features that create a perfect coastal lifestyle.

The Osprey façade creates striking, clean lines that are stunning and eye-catching. The benefits of an Osprey façade are many and include the following:

  • Improved curb appeal
  • Enhanced sustainability
  • Cost savings from a reduced need for HVAC systems, lighting, shading devices, etc.
  • Improved occupant comfort with less heat and glare.

2. Hamilton Façade

Hamilton is characterised by broad lines and extended eaves. A Hamilton-style façade is a great option for those looking to add a classic look to their building, but it can also be adapted to suit your needs.


Historically, there are many benefits of the Hamilton-style façade including,

  • A sense of sanctuary and protection, aesthetic beauty, and an ability to shield residents from the sun
  • The unique geometric pattern creates a striking contrast
  • Protection from harsh UV rays
  • Protection against extreme temperatures
  • Prevents heat loss at night

3. Hudson Façade

Hudson is a modern façade with clean, contemporary lines that capture the spirit of the city. It is an ultra-modern façade with an appealing masonry finish and elegant proportions. The Hudson façade provides an opportunity for your building to stand out among its neighbours and provide the perfect finishing touch.


  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved airflow
  • Reduced air pollution
  • High design appeal

Wrapping Up

Looking for a home design with an edge? Creating ultra-modern façades with striking designs adds a luxurious feel to your home and sets your property apart from the rest in your street. Find the best display home in Warragul now!

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