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Customers today are living in a world where everything revolves around the internet. According to experts, more or less 90% of Business-to-Business buyers say that they use search engines to look for the product or services before they make a purchase.

Companies and brands in general, do not take the initiative to understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization will be missing out and left behind on a great deal of value that they can add to their business. In the Business-to-Consumer world, the dominance of the internet can also be seen.

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According to some reports, global e-commerce is expected to reach more or less $4 trillion by 2021. It will account for at least 17% of all retail sales all over the world, more than double what it made in 2015. Not only that, according to a report from GE Capital, more or less 81% of consumers say that they use the internet before they decide on purchasing something.

The online world also impacts the local business scene in local search engines. Based on reports from LSA-Acquisio, 75% of all mobile searches resulted in in-store visits within 24 hours, and at least 30% of it resulted in customers buying the products.

Consumers today look at the internet as an essential part of their shopping experience. But regardless of whether they purchase something on the internet, or they buy it in person, they always use the internet to know more about the services or product availability.

That is why any company or businesses can’t overlook the digital marketplace. But investing in a Search Engine Optimization can be very overwhelming. Companies want to know that the money and time they spent will give them a high return both now and in the future. Here are some things companies need to know about the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

Understanding the principles behind SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO describes a strategy that surrounds almost every aspect of content development and site-building. When done effectively, it creates a great user experience for the customers, building their trust in the organization or the company.

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to show your value to search engines. When these search engines know your website’s worth, the pages will rank higher for any queries that are relevant to your content. The importance of Search Engine Optimization comes from their ability to help consumers find your site a lot easier.

How SEO works?

Google crawls the sites found on the internet with their “spiders.” These crawlers look for any bits of information that points them the value and the topic of the site’s content. These spiders can’t read. It means that they will for specific points and examine the organization to look for any clues about the site’s value. Here are some of the features of SEO that form the foundation of any strategy.

For example, if your business is in New York and you hired a New York SEO expert, you need to make sure that they will create contents that are related to New York to make it easier for the spider to crawl your website. These spiders will look at your page’s content and make sure that they are relevant to what you are selling or offering.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are sometimes spoken about when we talk about the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Keywords refer to the terms used, trying to match the keywords that your consumers use in search engines. But it is imperative to discern that keywords alone would not be enough.

Search engines do not want to see text that’s filled with countless repetitions of that same keyword or keyword phrases. Text that is poorly written contributes to poor user experiences. Instead, Google wants to see the quality and high-value keywords, as well as semantic keywords.

It refers to the other terms that most business owners likely use when talking about specific conditions. Semantic terms that site owners use give search engines more insight into what you discuss when it comes to this topic, as well as the level of depth that business owners offer. Content that doesn’t use a lot of related keywords can be viewed as very shallow, and they are not offering the site’s value that consumers want to see.

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Site organization and construction

Search engines like Google and their algorithm also look at the website’s organization. A good site map makes it a lot easier for Google to surf or navigate the website. It can also help make sure that the spider will not miss any pages of the site while they scan the domain.

It can also enhance the ability of the website to convert, that eventually turns into a paying client or customer. Part of the site construction also includes the speed on how the pages to load. The page that loads very slowly on any device, whether they run on smartphones or desktop computers, will be marked poorly by social media and also abandoned by their target market that makes it to their pages.

Products and services need to take time and carefully review how they design their pages. It includes the videos and images they will use, to be more confident that everything related has been made to make sure they will get the maximum loading time capacity.

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