How to Optimize Your Website for Better Rank on Google?


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If you own any kind of business, you probably have a website where your clients or investors can contact you, buy products or services or just to represent yourself. The problem is that you might create a beautiful design but no one can find you on Google if they don’t type the name of your site. By following trends and instructions from professionals like Johnny Chen SEO and many forums that talk about this topic, you can improve your rank really fast if you are at the beginning.

Changes happen often so everyone needs to be updated in order to maintain their goal. This is good for startups because they usually follow the latest trends. Because these changes are hard to explain to someone that doesn’t know what search engine optimization is, most companies will hire a professional to do it for them. Even if it can save you a lot of money, it takes time to learn how to optimize websites and it also takes time to rank them.

Voice Search

The easiest way to understand how to rank your page is sending Google the right signals. If they recognize something as quality content with the right speed and performance, you will for sure get to that number one spot if you maintain that performance for a while. Voice Assistants are used by millions of people no matter which one, search engine recognizes them.

One of the differences between regular and voice search is that the phrases are longer and more complex meaning that your content needs to adapt to it but still have the information they need. It shouldn’t be nerdy or too academic but also it should be grammatically correct. Keywords are becoming less important because they do a great job of understanding synonyms and languages. Something that is connected to it is featured snippets you can see in the search results at top of the page. It is usually questions and answers.

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A trend that exists for a few years now but still has to be mentioned is mobile-first indexing which usually means that websites generally focus on mobile devices but now most of them have platforms for both, phones and PC. The reason is very obvious, people generally use their phones more than computers which search engines recognized and use this as a ranking tool.

Some businesses focus only on creating a platform meant for mobile devices which is easier to make with new tools we have and with the help of artificial intelligence. Professionals will talk more about it in 2020 when we can expect more changes. It’s expected that you and your customers will use chatbots and voice search through phones as the main option for online research.

User Experience

UX or user experience is a wide term and it takes years to become an expert in this field. It is a big part of ranking because the algorithm now knows how users behave on your page including how much time they spend and where they click the most. This also includes the content you create which should be the main focus if you want to keep them for a while and if you have it, they will return to check for updates.

A new trend is behavioral user experience where the person you hire will try to make your visitors go where you want on the website. A lot of money is invested in research but because of the internet, you can learn about it easily and implement into your pages. Read more on this page.

AI Integration

A lot is expected from artificial intelligence, but most people don’t know how it actually works. Google uses it for a while to gather information and rank websites but there a few ways you can use it. Everything depends on the algorithm and on the program.

Nowadays, it is very expensive to have this made but in the near future, we can expect that every site operates with the help of AI. Chatbots can be considered as AI but they make big mistakes that aren’t always great for customer service because they need more improvement. Once we have it all figured out, most of the things we won’t do by ourselves, there will be a bot that does it for us.

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