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KICS is the short form of keeping Infrastructure as Code Secure. It is an open-source and free solution for static code analysis of IaC. Download Kics now for a better understanding of the open-source platform.

It is quite simple to run, install, and also to integrate into the CI. So, in the end, it becomes a lot easier to understand the results.

A free, scalable, and fast open-source IaC scanning:

KICS will automatically parse common IaC files to detect insecure configurations that might expose your data, applications, or services to attack! So, you can let anyone write an IaC file on your team and then vet those files to make them secure before rolling out.

  • In place of just working on security guidelines in IT governance policies and hoping that the engineers will follow them while creating IaC files, you will automatically enforce security with the help of KICS.
  • More so, KICS is an open-source tool. It helps in supporting multiple IaC platforms like Helm, Ansible, CloudFormation, Terraform, and more.
  • KICs will further add various software development tools. That makes it equally possible to add IaC security scanning to current workflows without any friction.
  • So, now the developers don’t have to slow down the process to deal with IaC security at all. Use KICS as your infrastructure as code project.

API design- some of the best practices:

You should not consider KICS to be just a tool for securing individual IaC files. It further helps in assessing complete API design for misconfigurations.

  • This helps the software developer to identify the risks in path definitions, transport encryption, and authentication schema.
  • Now, you get the right to set up the API security standard for your firm and enforce the same with the help of IaC scanning.
  • KICs will run the scanning program automatically during the app’s build time. So, you get the chance to review the APIs systematically without slowing down the software delivery pipeline.
  • Now you get the opportunity to take full advantage of APIs and ensure they get evolve with time to meet changing needs. You don’t have to worry about exposing your applications to security flaws.

The extensible solution to follow:

KICS is now known to grow in a seamless manner with proper development and deployment operations because of its platform agnostic IaC scanning tool! Nowadays, developers can extend KICS with new checks by using simplistic industrial standard query language!

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