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In running an online business, the rank of the website is an important thing to be considered. It will determine how many visitors do you have, and how many of them who become your clients at the end of their searching activity. Getting a good relationship with a good SEO agency, like SEO Gold Coast, will give you a lot of benefit on this business. However, sometimes, you may find that your website rank is dropping down. As it happens, your first suspect may go to the SEO work. Does it work properly or there is something wrong with your SEO work. You should consult your SEO expert immediately by that time.

Here is the list of the common mistakes of SEO work that many people don’t really pay attention to. And you may have experienced one of them.

1.    Be Careful in Taking Comments

Comments are important thing for your websites. It can be one of the ways to check how many visitors do you have and their reactions towards the products and the services you offer. However, some comments often attach related links. Here, you should be very careful in taking this kind of comments and the links. Many of them are spams which could be a degrading point for your own brand. For your safety, only keep the comments that give the plus points for your customers and leave the rest. The easiest way to get rid of the spams from your website, you can follow the spam instruction from Google.

2.    Too many Anchor Text Links

To put anchor text links is one way to get the SEO works optimally. However, too many anchor text links on your page will even make you lose more than you thought.  Use as you need, in a proportional number only.

3.    Repeating Keyword

The use of the keyword is the key of the SEO work. But, too dense keyword will make your article awkward as well. The Google-friendly writings now don’t require the density of the keyword only, but Google today is smarter where it will appreciate your work to optimize your sentences into more human friendly where you can find the balance of the daily words and the keyword.

The SEO expert will do their work to help you develop your business. They grow; they innovate and develop themselves, so that old methods and mistakes won’t be their options to do their work anymore. They keep updating themselves to be able to provide you betters services all the time.

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