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All the above mentioned security options are very effective in dealing with various online threats and risks. It is the responsibility of the hosting provider to …

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All the above mentioned security options are very effective in dealing with various online threats and risks. It is the responsibility of the hosting provider to install necessary softwares and offer you a web hosting secure environment, so you can carry out all your business transactions safely and create a credible image online.

After backing up your database setup your FTP program of any of your choices and you can use the configuration settings that you are given by your new web host. You can avoid downtime because it will cost you a lot of money, affect your search engine listings and also damage your reputation. – Grid Of course, hiring a Drupal programmer is an operational expense that may not work for entrepreneurs working on limited budgets, in which case, expect to spend some time reading through the hundreds of free Drupal tutorials available online.

Web Hosting

Don’t get left behind. So, you need to be very cautious.

What are the differences in shared and dedicated servers? How do these differences affect you? Let’s consider shared servers first. These are exactly what they sound like – the web host partitions their server into different sections and you are allotted one of those sections. This allows the host to reduce the cost of their plans, and ensures that you have an affordable solution to your needs. However, shared hosting plans also have problems in that you also share the RAM on the server, as well as all other capabilities.

It might be a bit confounding to understand what reseller hosting means. However, there is no denying the fact that it is one of the most popular means of making money by selling hosting plans. These plans work well for small companies that don’t have their own servers or are limited in their hardware components. They make money by purchasing server space from the main company and resell it to their clients on their behalf.

Take note of your website address for example.

When it comes to choosing the hosting company, you should pay special attention to their customer support services and backup policies. These are very important when your website becomes affected due to the sharing of server resources. You may also need help on another technical issue. If the server crashes, you want to know that your data is backed regularly and they can restore your website in a flash.

4. Poll and survey applications – Using polls and surveys and other interactive tools are a very smart way to keep people coming back to your website. They’re also great for collecting consumer data. You can preview new products and get customers opinions of the products by hosting a poll. Or you can do a customer survey to find out what customers think of your Web site or your products. Bluehost gives customers poll and survey applications that can be easily added to a Web site at no extra charge.


The negligence of software updates will put your website down and affect the search engine rankings. When it comes to reseller hosting, it means that a person resells the web space from a server that belongs to somebody else. They value your time and effort and want you to be successful in which ever niche you choose for your online income business.

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