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Picking the right web hosting solution for your website is a big decision you have to take. While there are multiple hosting options available, none can match the adaptability and level of performance that you will get with a dedicated server.

When you opt for a dedicated hosting service, you will have a server exclusive to you. You also get full control over the server, so you can make sure that your website is secure and performs faster. In this article, we will discuss about the best dedicated hosting provider, MilesWeb.

An Introduction to Dedicated Server Hosting 

In simple words, dedicated hosting offers exclusive access to a physical server. That server is available only to you and your website. As your site does not share server resources with others, your site will perform significantly faster. You can configure your server to match your requirements and get full root access to each aspect of your website.

Get Dedicated Server Hosting from MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a well-known web hosting provider known for offering best-in-class web hosting services to customers globally. They provide a broad spectrum of web hosting plans tailored to every business requirement.

MilesWeb serves the following services cheap unlimited web hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and best dedicated server hosting.

A dedicated server is the most powerful website hosting option. MilesWeb offers high-performing and feature-rich bare metal dedicated servers. With the dedicated servers, users get a completely isolated environment where you get 100% dedicated resources and extensive security for your heavy resource websites/applications. They offer you all the high-end features to power your website.

Let us take a look at their dedicated server plans.

MilesWeb has sixteen dedicated server plans, which you can pick according to your website requirement and budget. With each dedicated server plan, you get more RAM, bandwidth and one dedicated IP.

Their base plan of dedicated server costs Rs. 6,999Rs per month. And the high-tier dedicated server plan is worth Rs.46,999 per month.


As you can see from the above image:

  • RAM ranges from 8GB to 256GB.
  • Storage from 1TB SAS to 4×1.2TB SAS
  • Bandwidth from 1TB to 5TB

MilesWeb offers all the high-performing features for your heavy resource website or application. With a sufficient number of resources, your website performs faster.

Powerful Features of MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Hosting

Bare Metal Servers

You can rent an entire server fastened with enterprise-grade technology. MilesWeb gives single-tenant bare metal servers for its dedicated hosting. The dedicated servers of MilesWeb assure the best performance, speed and uptime for hosting heavy web applications and websites. The servers have Intel CPU processors incorporated within and have built-in SAS/SSD storage. The servers are customized to meet every requirement given by the client and is priced respectively.

Full Server Control

With MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting, you get a complete isolated environment with high security, control and flexibility for your mission-critical websites or applications.

You can do the modifications to your server and install the web applications of your choice. Also, there are no limitations on the number of websites you want to host.

MilesWeb gives the users RDP and full root SSH access. With this, users can execute commands with total control over the complete server as the system administrator. You can access the server from a remote location over the internet.

99.99% Uptime Service Level Agreement

The uptime guarantee is essential to keep your websites up and hassle-free on the net. With its dedicated server hosting, MilesWeb offers the best uptime Service Level Agreement, 99.99%. MilesWeb assures the high uptime SLA considering its robust infrastructure and maintenance and security protocols. Their support engineers check the server and make sure that it is always up and online.

Why Go for MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Hosting?

Host Unlimited Websites 

There is no limitation on the number of websites you want to host. Also, if you are currently using a shared hosting service, you can shift to a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, you get ultimate speed, power and performance to your website.

Highly Reliable

Like in shared hosting, the server resources are shared with numerous users. Due to no sharing of resources, you get 100% reliability for your websites or applications.

SSH Root Access

Every dedicated server plan of MilesWeb comes with SSH and Root Access. You have absolute freedom to install the web applications of your preference on the server.

Free Setup Without Any Contract Charges

MilesWeb does not charge a single rupee for setting up the server. Also, there are no hidden charges. They give you the liberty to cancel the server at any time. Even if you cancel the server, you don’t have to pay cancellation fees for the same.

High Security

You get a physically isolated environment with dedicated server hosting. It gives a high level of security and privacy for your bare metal dedicated server. Additionally, it completely erases the risks from threats as your server is isolated from others.

Powerful Servers

All dedicated servers of MilesWeb are super-charged by top-quality enterprise-grade hardware from major players in the industry like Super-micro, Dell and HP. These servers offer top-notch performance and speed to high-end websites and applications.

To Wrap Up

MilesWeb is best in terms of hardware resources, support and uptime. With the dedicated hosting service of MilesWeb, you get excellent reliability and service at an affordable price. Sign-up for MilesWeb’s dedicated server plans and get ready to power your heavy-resource website/application.

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