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Shared:in this case, the website is placed on a common server that also hosts many other websites. The number can be anything between hundreds to thousands! …

Web Hosting

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Shared:in this case, the website is placed on a common server that also hosts many other websites. The number can be anything between hundreds to thousands! Features available with shared web hosting are extensive to say the least. There are several ways to fill your website with relevant content. You can have it accomplished in-house, or you can outsource your content. Whichever you choose, the most important thing is you website offers fresh and new content regularly.

In terms of reliability, Hostmonster will offer you a 99% uptime guarantee. All accounts includes the OC-48 backbone connection, customized Apache web server and high-performance Quad Opteron servers with UPS power backups, mirrored storage backups, and a backup generator. They have a well secured data center where your web data will be stored and the security personnel are well-trained professionals.

Web Hosting

How to choose the right hosting company?

WordPress c. CPanel control panel is available: #1 A Domain Name Previously the route selected by many top marketers has been to use separate firms for hosting and auto-responders. That’s now changing. Many of the world’s leading marketers all host their web sites at the same hosting firm because they receive many benefits by doing so.

Assessing the Many Business Web Hosting Plans Another type of hosting is the Reseller hosting. This is done by users in a hosting environment to become web host provider themselves. They simply buy a server and then rent out the server by dividing it into smaller pieces. PHPBB Hosting Website Hosting Firm Explains

Do not go for a rate that is based on number of uses.

Maybe you are finding web hosting companies online or you want to listen to your friend’s advice, but you need to know that you should find out the company’s background first. Before further investigation, you should find out how long the company has been in business and what other people think about this company. You can browse its website to look for testimonials from users or communicate with customer service representatives. Knowing well about a company’s background can help you determine whether the company is good.

The above mentioned forms of hosting are common forms of shared hosting. That means your webspace is shared with others, so you may have a hundred websites all on the same server. This can have a few downsides but is fine for individual and small business websites. Speed can sometimes be an issue if the server is experiencing heavy traffic, and you certainly wouldn’t want to share a server with someone who is running resource intensive scripts although most web hosting services forbid such activity.


For any business to be truly successful in this technology driven age, an internet presence with a well-designed website is an absolute must. If there is no up-time guarantee, it means that your business website or individual website may not be visible to the internet world all the time.

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