The Best Tools to Create Your Own Infographics


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Infographics can convey all the information contained within a long form written article more efficiently. Presenting information in a visual way also helps individuals connect with content on a deeper level, absorbing the material being shown to them. Infographics are also inherently shareable, therefore maximising their potential reach.


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Constructing infographics can seem like a daunting prospect, but there are a variety of tools available that will make the process much easier.

The Social media infographic

Intel has created a tool called ‘What About Me?’ that produces infographics that pull information from your social media feeds to map out every facet of your online life. Each infographic is highly customisable and visually pleasing, making use of bright colours and interesting imagery.

The well-designed infographic

You should focus on a strong design, to ensure that you secure something unique and highly shareable as well as sharing interesting stats such as how many tonnes of polystyrene recycling that your company, such as has recycled in a year.

The CV infographic

Ever felt as though your CV would benefit from something a little extra? pulls information from your LinkedIn account as well as allowing you to input additional information, to produce a CV that communicates your skills, education and experience in an interesting and easy to understand way.

The drag and drop infographic

Allowing you to include information on a subject of your choice, Piktochart provides a wide variety of backgrounds, themes, images and icons to choose from. You can arrange these in a way that best communicates the content of your infographic to your target audience.

The place and time infographic

Specialising in organising content by date, Dipity is a unique tool that helps you to create timeline infographics. Timelines can often be difficult to visualise, but this tool creates easy to understand visuals in a matter of minutes.

The data analysis infographic

If you need to break down data into bitesize pieces that are easy to digest, StatSilk could be the ideal tool for the job. With everything from bar and scatter charts to maps, this tool’s features are diverse and accurate.

The photography infographic

Are you a keen photographer looking for something to keep track of your skills and favourite techniques? InFoto maps your photo data, efficiently displaying your favourite shooting locations, as well as your preferred time of day and weather conditions.

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