The Difference Between 1&1 And GoDaddy

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Without taking so much of your time, we would like to enlighten you about the differences between 1&1 web hosting plan and GoDaddy’s hosting plans. According to reports from users, 1&1 is the biggest hosting company in Europe. The only unfortunate part is that they were unable to make a name as GoDaddy, which means GoDaddy is more popular than 1&1 when it comes to domain name registration and hosting plans. But as a novice who does not know what to go for and where to start. We will use this write up to explain to you the similarities between them, which will expose you to their differences.

Pros and Cons

With these pros and cons, you will be able to clear every question that exists in your thought like is 1&1 the best hosting? 1&1 is the best for cloud hosting, they are the cheapest provider in the hosting market, and every customer is entitled to a dedicated support assistant. However, in the case of GoDaddy, they are the best provider of extra features; they are rated high for hosting features in testing and so on.  Despite what these two companies have to offer, they have their disadvantages too. In the case of 1&1, they run an unintuitive control panel and not beginner-friendly.  With GoDaddy, you must be ready to pay more and some other things that first-time users will not understand until you do business with them.

Performance and Security

The best provider that gives an excellent service is 1&1. The first feature you will enjoy from them is their 99.9 impressive uptime; the reason they can meet up with the uptime performance is that they have servers in not less than five countries in the world. These countries include the United States, UK, Europe and two others. GoDaddy also claims to have 99.75 uptime performances, but research has helped us to know that it has a slightly lower uptime performance when compared with 1&1. Let’s now look at the security aspect of the two hosting companies in question.

We got to realize that 1&1 has got the speed but unfortunately does not have the strength to manage the pace. However, in other to rank on search engines, credibility matters a lot while GoDaddy on its own sets up a protection package plan that users can buy to help protect their details from exposing to the public. With this, hackers will find it very difficult to take control of your website.


Although we were only able to discuss little to prove which one is better among the two companies. In the process, we got to realize that 1&1 has more instruments to win the heart of the people than the other who also is capable but defeated with little difference, but the former seems better.

1&1 is friendly with users, and it is no doubt the best for beginners who are just coming into web design and hosting. They have time for their clients and clear their doubt. Is 1&1 the best hosting? They left no stone unturned and brought smiles to the faces of their buyers.

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