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Something that is to be expected of even the cheapest web hosting these days is that the package come with PHP and MySQL, or some form …

Web Hosting

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Something that is to be expected of even the cheapest web hosting these days is that the package come with PHP and MySQL, or some form of server side scripting and database functionality. If you are after free hosting, which does exist, then finding one that has such features will be nearly impossible, nearly! You might wonder why on Earth you would need these features if you don’t know what they are. The fact is that spending ten minutes reading up on a few things that make a website easy to manage, like PHPs include function, make them worth having and implementing. Another reason to covet these features is that if your site does really well, you may want to have a serious look at developing your site further.

Shared hosting provides multi platform website solutions. The host provided limited disk storage for your website, unlimited services for file transfer protocol (FTP), and physical email boxes. It also provides statistics to analyze the number of visitors to your website. The technical support round the clock is provided to assist you in problems that you face.

Web Hosting

You will have to spend a good deal of money there.

2) The level of quality they are looking for. iPage • Fast Page Downloads: If your pages load slowly the likely result will be the visitors leaving in a hurry. Fast page downloads equate to more visitor time on your website. You can make duplicates of your email accounts on your new web; you can take your time in writing down all of your new web host mails such as SMTP server, email username, IMAP server and pop server.

Bandwidth is also important. As your traffic grows you do not want to be faced with people being unable to access your content because you have used all of your allotted bandwidth for the month. Again there are hosts offering unlimited bandwidth and these are for real. They are usually not much more expensive than packages that don’t offer this and a lot of companies are offering this now.

Shared hosting ensures full support from the host.

The uptime and reliability of the hosting plan is another factor in evaluating. You will put up a website because you want 24/7 connection with your clients. If you can’ have this, then don’t waste your time managing a website. In terms of customer support, you have to be very particular. As you require 24/7 support, you have to stand for it all the time, every minute and every hour. This should be made possible. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to your desire to create a website that will be trusted and favored by clients.

Recently data centres have started to use more sophisticated technology – for example, biometric security measures that identify someone by their individual characteristic may be used. These techniques include fingerprint recognition, voice recognition or ‘weight matching’. Data centres can also use ‘man traps’. This is where a corridor leading into a data centre has a door at each end and the doors cannot be opened at the same time.


You have to make sure that the fonts in your web pages are consistent so that visitors will not feel weird as they surf around your website. Google alone shows over eighty five million (YES 85,600,000) results for online labs. How comfortable are you working with digital technology – even with a user-friendly interface.

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