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With the advent of the internet, millions of websites have been created. All these websites may have different information, designs, features and content, but there is …

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With the advent of the internet, millions of websites have been created. All these websites may have different information, designs, features and content, but there is one thing common in all – Web hosting. Hosting is one of the most important functions in the website building process. It allows everyone, from business men to various institutions or even an individual to put up their original masterworks.

One of the hardest things about shopping for technical services is understanding what’s offered. Web hosts offer an array of services. Some of them are intended for individual users and some of them are intended for businesses. There are services that are valuable to both, of course, but business sites are usually the only ones that require the truly complex services. A top web hosting companies list can be useful in sorting through what’s out there. A bit of a brush-up on the services these businesses commonly offer is useful in determining which one is right for you.

Web Hosting

Reputation is everything in this business.

However, the definition of obscene would vary from one individual to another. Most people would say that adult web hosting is obscene. Any form of pornography will be directly inflicted into this category. So, if there is a case of a 12 year old visiting your website with obscene materials, they could press charges against you. So, if this happens, you as the webmaster will require the services of a lawyer to defend you.

If you can refer 5 people to Global Domains International (GDI) per month you will make, $5.00 monthly. If those 5 team members referred 5 team members of their own. This would be your second level and now you would make $25.00 per month in commissions (5×5). If those members did the same and recruited 5 each, you would now earn $125.00 per month on the third level. (25×5). If your level four (125×5) and level five (625×5) also do the same, each month you would be earning $3,905.00 per month as long as everyone kept their hosting account.

Upload all relevant files into the specified folder.

In short shared hosting is ideal for new entrants in online business. You don’t have enough to spend and not enough of technical expert to make your online presence possible. Still you will be able to host your website for people across the world to access. Of course, make sure you choose a web host that offers reasonably priced plans, enough disk space and bandwidth, and good technical support.

Having links to your site from others drives traffic in two ways. People may see your link on another site and decide to visit. Backlinks are also an important factor in determining search engine rankings. The best links to have are ones from popular sites whose content is related to your own which are one way links (that is, they link to you without you linking to them in return). Reciprocal links are better than nothing, but one way links are the best of all.


Choose web hosting secure packages that can protect your website data and keep it safe. At times, you don’t get what you paid for. Another downside for the clients who’d run their sites on these free hosting services was that they had no control over their site as the sever owners put many adds on their site which was absolutely irrelevant with website material.

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