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These days we have encountered many Content Management Systems (CMS) that can be used as a means of making websites. Call it WordPress, joomla, and others. With this very practical CMS, many websites can be produced, even by ordinary people. Because basically, CMS is a tool that facilitates website design and creation. Therefore, CMS is made simple and does not require much time to learn and understand how it works. One of the many CMSs we will discuss is Typo3. Although both have “title” CMS, Typo3 has some differences. Need a deeper understanding of the use of Typo3, so it is likely you will feel that learning Typo3 is difficult. However, many surprises await you when using this Typo3. This is also offering cheap theme to enhance your website into a better look.

About CMS you need to know

CMS Simply put, CMS is created with the aim of making it easier for someone to build a variety of websites in a short time without having to “wrestle” with a complex programming language. As a layman, the presence of CMS is very helpful because users are “spoiled” with the facilities that are available. Without having to take time to learn coding languages that feel burdensome, anyone can design their own website. But for a web programmer who always meets with a complex programming language and is familiar with hundreds of lines of coding every day, the presence of CMS is considered as something unattractive. More precisely “inflexible”. The reason is that CMS has its own core engine, so programmers are not free to manage their websites because they are limited by the CMS rules themselves. As stated above, Typo3 is different from CMS in general.

Brief History

It’s hard to say that Typo3 is a new web builder (CMS) technology. Because the name that you may rarely hear this turned out to be the embryo going there in the last 22 years ago, precisely in 1997. One interesting thing is that there is very rarely a CMS that is more than 20 years old. Especially since it was launched Typo is still used and trusted by many web developers to date. The typo was originally created as a tool to develop websites without disrupting its design. This is a brilliant idea because you will not feel disturbed by the existing coding when you uninstall your website design pairs. Currently, Typo3 continues to be developed until it has reached the latest version.


The installation process for Typo3 is very easy. First, select the Typo3 package that you want on the website. Large data packages vary, depending on your needs. For example, if you have a Windows operating system integrated with a web server, then you need to download Typo3 and a dummy database with a size of around 9MB. After the data package is downloaded, extract the Typo3 package in the webserver directory and follow the installation instructions. After you have done the installation you can use your website. You are also available to make your website to be a responsive Website after all.

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