What Methods Digital Marketing Company in Chichester, West Sussex Uses?


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Online presence is now one of the most important things about building your business. The majority of people will look at their phones instead of going out and meeting new people and every single person is now a potential customer because you can promote yourself on every platform. Digital marketing is a wide term that includes search engine optimization, SEM, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising, SMM and content marketing.

Every single part of digital marketing is again split into many pieces. It usually starts with website creation from where you can start promoting your products or services. That is why people hire professionals like web designers or an SEO company that will work with you on improving your situation. It’s important to understand the terms as an owner because it will be harder to work with someone if you don’t know what they are talking about.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and other factors that are important for online marketing are tightly connected and it is very hard to be the best in every single factor. For example, your website, which has to be optimized in order to be better ranked on search engines, will need to have a great design and work perfectly internally. If you don’t have knowledge for creating your own site then hiring a web design agency Chichester and a developer should be the first thing on your mind because afterward you still need to wait for your website to rank.

It takes time for your page to rank on Google and you will need quality content if you want to be on the top. Your page speed and backlinks are some of the crucial parts you need to have. These trends change constantly and being updated will help you beat your competition. If you have someone doing the developing then it’s better to let them maintain it. This will assure that you have someone that knows it from top to bottom.


Search Engine Marketing

SEM uses methods where you pay to get promoted on search engines like Bing and Google. When you search for anything on them, you probably noticed that there are some links on top of the page that don’t look the same as others. They will have a small Ad symbol at the beginning which means they paid for the advertisement.

This might be expensive for some people but that way you will get traffic that is actually looking for your service or product. Besides that, there are studies that show how more than 70% of people will click only on the first three links. The percentage is different when it comes to paid ads but still, they will notice it first even if they aren’t the best-ranked website.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is a process where you use social media platforms to boost your traffic. Engagement is the key here and building trust among your customers through continuous updates, new deals and promotions can make your business stable for the future. There are many ways it can be done because we have many applications that earn money by letting you place an advertisement on the platform.

Something that is a trend now is hiring an individual that has a big following and is somehow connected with your product or service. If they have good engagement, there is no doubt that his audience will love your product. Sometimes they will blindly buy it because they trust the person they follow. This can be very profitable and many companies made a fortune that way.

Things are going viral much faster than they used to and this may also happen to your business. It is hard to predict what will be the next big thing but it’s true that big influencers only contribute to making something viral.

Read more about it here: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Social-Media-to-Market-Your-Business



PPC has been a great method for a long time but as time passes fewer people use it. As the name says, marketers pay a fee when someone clicks on the advertisement. If we exclude that search engine advertising is a part of PPC, people are getting used to it and they just know someone is trying to force them to click on their page.

People got used to it because there are many websites that have pop-ups that force you to close them in order to proceed with your research. Now, users automatically close or disregard a pop up even if it may be very useful. If managed correctly, it will help you boost sales when you target the right people so make sure you know your audience or let your marketing company do the job.

Affiliate Marketing

Hiring an influencer to promote your product can be compared to affiliate marketing if they have a percentage per sale. Most companies won’t give pay them per sale but they also have affiliate programs where these people can apply. The place where you can notice this the most is review websites where they put a link to the product. This link is different from usual because it informs the seller where the customer came from.

Once you purchase something, the money earned is split among the seller and the person that owns the review page. You need to know your numbers in order to do this efficiently. It isn’t always recommended but it can help you to gain traffic.


Email and Bots

Email and marketing through chat bot can be compared because as bots get more popular, email is starting to fade away. This is very reasonable because technology is improving fast and people spend more time on their social media account than their email.

Because we have artificial intelligence, we will have a program doing promotion for us with a similar method that was used for electronic mails. The reason for the change is that it is more efficient because it can think like the customer and it learns how to behave and what information to provide. Bots will also use phone applications for marketing as they become more reliable.

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